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We are Celta a creative 
Digital Design collective

Our approach

We bring you the fizz of buzzwords with the clear-headed insights of a 0.0% brew. Sure, we know our stuff, but we use that expertise only to add value to your brand – not to add an extra zero to our invoices. It’s the talk, and the talent.

As experienced professionals we understand it takes a delicate balance to build a compelling narrative in both voice and visual. And as digital natives we effortlessly connect technology with targets. From workshop to webshop, it comes natural to us. It’s the talent, and the tech.


No, we are not multitalented. As a versatile team, however, we do have multiple talents that (re)build brands and establish them across the customer journey. Firmly, yet flexibly.

Our forte surpasses the technical. We not only think in KPIs, we treasure purpose, too. Bridging the gap between business drivers and customer insights, we realise true value. We turn code into connections that increase conversion.


To elevate brands, we first need a solid foundation. Through discussion, workshops and research we uncover a brand’s core, encompassing the technical (architecture), the emotional (personality) and the commercial (positioning).

This information fuels the creative process of defining a distinctive brand identity. How do you speak? And what do you say? What does your ‘voice’ sound like in a jingle? What’s your look: sunny or dark, sexy or distinguished? In a wide variety of both offline and online applications, we illustrate how all graphical elements are combined in unique brand assets. From print ads to digital screens.

Websites & apps

To a great extent, window-shopping has transferred to the digital realm. Today, it is even more important to create and develop the right online experience, spearheaded by a website that works wonders to put your business in the spotlights.

User Experience Design (UX)

To answer people’s needs with a seamless experience, we focus on intuitive functionality, based on genuine customer insights and tried-and-tested features.

User Interface Design

Applying the branding to a digital and dynamic ecosystem, we carefully finetune all design elements, making your message and offer easily accessible and actionable.


From conceptual mock-up to actual website, we create a secure and alluring tool. It has to look great on any screen and work impeccably behind the scenes, too.

WordPress (cms)

Over 35% of all websites run on this very versatile system. Its convenient editor highly simplifies managing online content, from e-commerce to blogposts.

woocommerce webshop

Starting up an online store? Launch it with the support of WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin, and enjoy clear inventory, safe payments and easy shipping.

Web Hosting & Maintenance

We have saved you a seat, storing your content and data on a secure server and guaranteeing your audience constant access and an impeccable experience.


Let’s spread the word! But how do you expand your flock of followers – mostly sympathetic family and friends, right? Together, we devise an inspiring social media plan that gets your brand a committed fanbase.

This tailor-made roadmap assists you for day-to-day posts as well as long-term KPIs. We deliver the skills to create the right content, closely collaborating with your team: copywriting, design, photography, video, motion… For maximal impact, we also set up in-app adverts and SEA.

In between our profound talks with Siri, we can also discuss a framework for community management, interacting with and reacting to your online audience.


Robin Deneyer
Front-End Developer

Dries Meiresonne  
Brand & Digital  Designer

Wouter Vandevelde
Back-End Developer 

We are not an agency.
We are about agility.

We believe every brief demands a unique team of experts with a specific set of skills. One-size-fits-all? Those days are over. Copywriters and coders don’t speak the same language, but they make a great pair. Strategy and technology, too, go hand in hand. We need designers to envision and developers to engineer. With Celta, there are no cubicles: together, we create connections.



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